About Me

Hi, my name is Hendrik Freuer. I am a CG Generalist who lives and works in London, England.
Originally, I am from Germany, where I got my Masters degree in Digital Media, which mainly involved coding, interface design and human computer interaction.
Since I didn't feel like working in any of these fields, I decided to turn my long-time passion of 3D modelling and sculpting into a career. I moved to London in 2013, took an intensive course in 3D for visual effects, in which I learned additional skills within the 3D pipeline.

Over the years, I honed these skills and acquired new ones working in the VFX industry with a lot of very talented people. Studios I worked for include Electric Theatre Collective and MPC advertising.
I've mainly worked in commercials, but also had the opportunity to work on the feature film Ghost in the Shell. My skill set ranges across most of the CG pipeline and includes tracking, matchmoving, modelling, sculpting, texturing, look development, lighting and compositing. I'm always happy to learn and try new things and I'm generally interested in anything CG related. If only there was time to learn everything...

Between projects, I like to tinker around in Houdini or do some quick concept sculpting in ZBrush.
I also really got into drone flying, which I think is awesome! So, whenever I go on trips, I make sure to pack my Mavic Pro and explore the area. I'm a bit behind with editing the footage. But I'll make sure to upload it here once it's done.


I'm also working on a small project with my wife at the moment. We're delivering the basic version in July and then it'll grow from there :)